Brigitte Rogers

Hi There. I’m Brigitte Rogers – Mom, Wife, Model, Television Producer, Home Cook, and Happy Life Seeker!

Fifteen years ago I was living in NYC working as a Television Producer and performing standup comedy anywhere I could get five minutes of stage time.

Fast forward to present day when my husband and I are raising two teenagers, Lilyan and Liam in the small charming town of Doylestown, PA.

From hockey to horseback riding we are a busy bunch, but I still manage to work part-time on television projects and model on occasion. No doubt life moves fast!

I created BLifeToday as a reminder to BE THE LIFE I WANT TO LIVE and hopefully, inspire you to do the same - easier said than done at times because… happiness takes work!

Life is filled with ups and downs, believe me I’ve had my share, even through some of my darkest moments, dumbest decisions and most reckless ventures, I found a way to remain happy.  

Here are 5 practices I want to share with you that I incorporate throughout the week to keep me and my family grounded and happy (most of the time).

Motivation – Be motivated to live the life you want, to make a difference, to serve someone other than yourself.

Try Something New – Being complacent is a downer. Go outside your comfort zone, take a new running path, sign up for a class or start a conversation with the person you see every day but never speak to.

Eat Well – Because good food makes everything better.

Journal – Capture where you are, where you’ve been and always acknowledge the blessings in your life.

Laugh – Do you really need a reason?

Things I Love: My family, being a mom, funny people, anything my husband bakes, NYC, cooking, grocery shopping, traveling, writing, going for it, the smell of a baby (in a clean diaper), people, helping others, donuts, swimming, the beach, learning about different cultures, laughing, action movies, period films and all types of music.

Things I Hate: Mean people, weak coffee, parades, hopelessness, shopping malls, fake sugar.