Foster your friendships


I found this old picture of my mother and her best friend, Dana.  I always admired their friendship, their loyalty to one another and to their families. Growing up, Dana was like a second mother to me.  I loved her dearly and was heartbroken when she passed away after a long battle with cancer.

She and my mother shared a friendship that lasted more than 30 years. When we lost Dana, I could see my mother lost a piece of herself. These women supported each other through some of life’s biggest challenges.  Together they confronted unfaithful husbands, divorces, raising children on their own, the death of loved ones, a life threatening disease, and new beginnings.

Through it all, there was always laughter.

I never heard my mother laugh harder than when she was speaking to her best friend. Somehow they always knew just what to say to one another to make the situation better.

As long as they had each other they had all the support they needed. Foster the friendships you have in your life. Take a few minutes to pick up the phone (don't text) and call a friend.  Even better, make time to meet for lunch or dinner. True friendships last a lifetime don’t miss out on yours.