Stop asking this question in front of your daughter

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I never really noticed how often we women ask the question, "Do I look fat?" until I starting raising my daughter.

Eating disorders and a bad body image start with what young girls hear from their parents. As soon as my daughter was old enough to understand my words, I quickly refrained from asking that question or referring to my body as anything other than healthy or unhealthy, regardless of how I felt. 

So, when I put on an outfit that makes me want to slice off a chunk of my behind and bleed out the calories, I'll say something like, "This outfit isn't very flattering." Or, when I've eaten too many bowls of ice cream and feel like a pathetic slob, I go with, "I'm feeling really unhealthy."

Choose your words wisely when talking about your own body in front of your daughter, if you don't, you could be making a big fat mistake. 

Here is a more detailed article by, Kelly Wallace on how saying negative things about ourselves can have a strong impact on our daughters.