Self Care is not "Selfish"

Sometimes doing it all means doing nothing for yourself. We often get too caught up in succeeding in our tasks at work and at home that we neglect our own self. My suggestion, don't do that! Why? Because you are no good to anyone let alone yourself if you are completely depleted. 

The profound misconception that taking care of ourselves is bad for others has been proven to be just that - an absolute misconception. When I find myself taking on too much I always think back to the cheesy line from the 1991 movie Backdraft starring Kurt Russell, "You go, we go!"

If I am not at 100%, neither is my family. I am my family's foundation - if I'm not steady, we ain't steady! 

This past Saturday I took my own advice. The morning began with an annual 3-D mammogram (smush-smush) followed by a Zen facial at Healthy Solutions Med Spa. It felt so good to do some much-needed maintenance work on myself and it only took a couple of hours. 

While you're out there doing a kick-ass job of doing it all, please don't forget to take care of you. Read a book in a quiet place, get a massage, schedule a health visit with your doctor, or go on a hike - whatever you need to do to refuel. Don't worry nobody will think you are selfish, in fact, they may even thank you for it.