How to use polarity to create a balanced life and positive thoughts

We’ve all heard the famous quote, by Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” His words depict a motivational message meant to inspire you to seek out your goals and go for the things you want in life, sounds pretty positive to me; unless you are a goaltender.  


As the mother of a goalie, my interpretation of Gretzky’s quote can be quite the opposite. For my son, 100% of the shots NOT taken are in his favor.

And, there you have the concept of polarity. Polarity is the state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.

Light - Dark
Hot - Cold
Happiness - Sadness
Good - Bad
Love - Hate
Courage - Fear
Life - Death

Opposites are present within every element because everything in the Universe is dual.

This might start to sound a little complex so let’s switch gears to something you can more easily relate to, Seinfeld. Do you remember the episode, The Opposite? It’s the one when every time something bad happens to Jerry, something good follows, evening things out for him. As a result, he starts to refer to himself as, “Even Steven.” Polarity is basically just that, a balance.

If you can understand the concept of the universal law of polarity, then you can live your life with balance and positivity more easily.     

For example, let’s say you finally got that promotion you’ve been wanting. You are now killing it at work, delivering your projects on time, bringing in a larger salary, and advancing in your career. These are all positive elements, but with that comes a negative element. Chances are if you are thriving at work, your home life may have taken a back seat. Understanding the polar effects can help you recognize the potential imbalances in your life and correct them before they get too out of control.  

Here is a diagram of a filled out polarity map to better explain how it works. 

As you can see in the chart there is an opposite component to every element in life. I find this to be a comforting discovery. When you acknowledge the fact that there is always a positive to a negative it can help you better deal with rejection and troubling moments, in addition to creating a life of balance. 

Let’s say your child is home sick from school and you now need to call out of work. The negative is your child is ill and you have to miss a day of work. The positive elements are you get to spend an entire day with your child and maybe get a few things done around the house. It all depends on which side of the scale you choose to focus on. 

If you want to achieve abundance, happiness and fulfillment in life, I strongly suggest you consider the concept of polarity - go ahead give it a shot!