How to find more hours in the day

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find that extra hour in the day to workout, read a book, volunteer or spend time with your family? Well, you can!

Fitting in the things we want to do isn’t about rearranging our schedule to squeeze in more stuff, it’s about rearranging our priorities. We can’t magically create time, although that would be an amazing superpower, we can make time for things that matter most. 

When you genuinely examine how your time is actually spent and the manner in which you prioritize your list of "Things you have to do", you'll be amazed at how many extra hours you can find to do the things you want to do. 

In the TEDTalk by, Laura Vanderkam we are challenged to reevaluate how we spend all 168 hours of the week.  

Check out this incredibly insightful speech, How to gain control of your free time. It will only take 12-minutes of your time!