The story of home

Last Sunday my son walked through the door after a long day of hockey, gave me a big hug and said, "Mom, I love our house it’s so cozy and nice." I’ll spare you the details of my ridiculous, emotional reaction.  

 Let me start by saying our house isn't anything grand by any means, in fact, it’s not even ours. We sold our previous home and are now renting a townhouse until we find our next house. But, we’ve made the space our own; for now, it’s home.

Growing up I lived in eleven different homes; some were single-family homes, some were tiny walk-up apartments, but most were apartments in a high-rise building. I quickly learned love, memories, laughter, and life are what make a house a home.

Color: Gray Tabby - Home Depot

Color: Gray Tabby - Home Depot

I also learned just as we influence our surroundings, our surrounding influences us. Your home is a reflection of you. I am not referring to the financial value of your home. I’m talking about how you choose to fill the space and the way you care for it. Your home tells your story.

Whether I'm in a space for six months or five years I always make sure it feels like us. When friends and family walk through the door they immediately see our story; through decorating, photos, and personal touches.

The more your space reflects you, the cozier it feels. For me, painting is my way of adding a personal touch. When we first moved into the townhouse the all-white walls felt sterile, so we decided to paint. If it were up to me I would have painted every room in the house, but when we move out we have to paint everything back to white. When I say “We” I mean my husband. Instead, I chose one central area to paint, the dining room and living room. 

We absolutely love the color we chose. It's a nice contrast to the surrounding white walls and adds a ton of warmth to the room. The color is a bold choice, but that's exactly how we were feeling when we moved in. We had just sold our home on our own, a lot quicker than anticipated; putting us in a time crunch to find a new place to live. We found the townhouse just in time and were able to move in a few days before closing on our house. When I think back to when we were standing in Home Depot picking a paint color, I remember feeling pretty bad ass about how we managed to get it all done, so we picked a color that felt that way to us. 

I don’t know where our next home will be; for now our story lives in a cozy little townhouse. Whatever space you are currently living in regardless of how big or how small or for however long, I encourage you to make it your own - make it home.