What's Your BPS? Best Possible Self


You are already amazing, but you can be even better.

For a moment imagine the best possible version of yourself. How do you see your best self in relationships with others, career, financial status, hobbies, interests, health, and overall being.

Take 5-10 minutes to write about what you picture your best possible self to be. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling, just put your thoughts on paper or type them on a computer. The more specific you get the better it will work. Whatever you do, don’t focus on the past or get hung up on your mistakes. Focus on your future self, your best self.

Much like a vision board, writing down your version of your best self will motivate you to achieve it, making it more likely to become reality.

Imaging an even better version of you and setting goals helps create happiness and optimism in the present moment.

It’s ok if your current self doesn't quite match up to your best possible self. You’re getting there! If you find it already does, fantastic. I encourage you to seek something else to strive for. It could be a new hobby or health regimen.

The purpose of this exercise is to pinpoint our goals, to hone in on the best possible version of ourselves in order to become it. For the next two weeks spend 5-10 minutes per day writing down the best possible version of you!  

Why do this exercise?

  • It will help you learn more about yourself and your goals
  • It will increase your happiness in the present
  • It will provide an optimistic outlook on the future
  • It will motivate you to achieve your dreams
  • It will help you become a better version of your already amazing self