Why changing up your daily routine is a good idea


Having a daily routine is a good idea. It keeps us organized, more efficient, saves us time and creates structure.

But let’s face it, sometimes that same old routine can get boring and more times than not we go through the motions in autopilot.  

Changing up your daily routine every now and then can be beneficial.  For one it adds some excitement to a rather dull regimen. 

Mainly it forces you to pay more attention to what you are doing. When we are not in autopilot mode we become mindful of our actions; who knows what can happen when we pay attention to the things around us, maybe you’ll notice something you’ve never paid attention to before or meet someone unexpected. 

By switching up your daily routine you get your brain to think differently; it needs to figure out new strategies and make different connections. This promotes creativity and productivity.

Do something different today. Stop at a new coffee shop for your morning joe, take a new morning route either to work or on your run.  If you live in a city, bike to the office instead of using public transportation. Whatever you choose just make sure it’s not the same damn thing you do everyday.