The Thankful Season

It’s two days after Halloween. We've officially entered the holiday season folks, beginning with Thanksgiving. Time to take down the frightening decorations and replace them with golden pumpkins, glass turkeys, colorful leaves and an ornamental garland that encompasses the essence of FALL.

As I sneak my tenth mini Twix bar from my child’s hard-earned pile of candy, I make sure the Thanksgiving garland hangs evenly in the entrance way. It’s a beautiful display of wooden leaves attached to a twisted manila rope. Each leaf has a different colored letter painted on it spelling out the word THANKFUL!

I 've been putting up these decorations for so long I wondered if I’ve become immune to its true message? So I asked myself, what am I thankful for at this very moment? Aside from the large stash of candy in front of me, I would say everything. 

Not because my life is perfect or that I have everything I want. I'm just thankful I get to participate in this incredible adventure called life.  

What are you thankful for right now?