Why nobody cares about Thanksgiving decorations

If you're wondering why all the chain stores go straight from Halloween decorations to Christmas decorations and skip over Thanksgiving, here's why. 

dinner still eating.jpg
  • The holiday mascot is a turkey.
  • A turkey is a stupid decoration.
  • Everyone is sick of pumpkins after Halloween.
  • Thanksgiving dinner can lead to the rehashing of unresolved family issues. 
  • Thanksgiving has zero build up other than the early request to have a turkey slaughtered on your behalf.  
  • You can’t have a “Thanksgiving party” unless it’s actually Thanksgiving.
  • The only thing you get on Thanksgiving is heartburn - no gifts or treats. 
  • Thanksgiving is so boring it needed a parade and football. 
  • No one ever wrote a song about Thanksgiving.
  • Planes Trains and Automobiles is the only Thanksgiving movie ever made -  great movie btw!
  • The holiday slogan is "Gobble Gobble Gobble", which makes you sound like a turkey and feel like a pig. 

P.S. I’m just messing around. I actually love Thanksgiving!