It's OK to be an underachiever sometimes.

You don’t always have to be a rockstar and you don’t always have to shoot for the stars.

Some days you might be feeling a little off. That’s OK! When I have days like that I set small goals or none at all.

This morning I was exhausted. I worked over the weekend and wasn’t up for my usual 4-6 mile run. So, I set a smaller goal...just run 2 miles.

While sipping coffee on my cozy white couch, I could hear the excuses for staying put circling in my head. I quickly shut them down, threw on my running clothes and bolted out the door. 

Higgins and me after a 2 mile run. 

Higgins and me after a 2 mile run. 

I wanted to quit after 60 seconds. I wasn’t feeling my run. I was feeling tired. There have been times when I packed it up and went back home or called my husband a mile into my run to come and get me. He'd pick me up, shake his head and laugh. Those times are rare, but they happen. We can’t always be at our best.

Today I wanted to at least get some form of exercise in, more for a mental release than a physical contribution. The goal of two miles seemed a lot more doable. I took it one mile at a time. It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing. It felt good to accomplish even just a small goal.    

The purpose of this story is to remind you that you don’t always have to be at 100%. It’s ok to kick back and scale back; not just in your workout routine, but in your career, as a parent, a student or any facet of your life.

My yoga teacher's mantra is, “Be present with yourself in this moment and be good with where you are today.” Meaning, maybe yesterday you did a one arm handstand like a boss, but today you can barely maintain a cobra pose. Don't let it stress you out, just be OK with it.

At times our goals can become overwhelming. If they are then scaling them back is a good idea. If today you are in the mindset to conquer the world, but come tomorrow the thought of how you are actually going to do it freaks you out, switch gears and set your sights on something more achievable, like conquering one small town at a time instead. I think you get the metaphoric dialogue here. 

In closing, be good with where you are. Don't feel pressured to always be at the top of your game. Remember, shooting for the stars is great and sometimes aiming for what’s right above you is even better.