Small gestures can change a big nation

I hate to admit this but Tuesday was the first time I voted in the municipal election. I normally just come out to vote for the main event, the Presidential election. 

But I realized something. If I want to see reform throughout our nation I need to take the steps toward making it happen, regardless of how small. It's a similar tenet as discussed in Tuesday's post, continual improvement resulting in a change for the better. 

National change starts in your community. It grows from the local level and spreads from one city to the next, eventually spanning across the entire state and throughout our nation. 

As mentioned at local politics have a long history of shaping change in our country from the ground up. Policies such as women’s suffrage, minimum wage, environmental protection, and marriage equality all began at the local and state level; yet only 1 in 5 voters participate in local elections.

Sure the municipal elections aren't as sexy as the Presidential election, but they matter a lot. No gesture toward improvement is ever a waste - small actions lead to big changes.

The next time local elections are held in your area, be sure to cast your vote. Stake your claim on how you see this great nation changing for the better, one city at a time.