The thrill, joy and fear of doing something off your bucket list.


I've always wanted to be in a musical play. One year ago I made that small dream a reality.

October of 2016, while reading through the local paper, I came across a listing for the town's holiday show; auditions were being held in the coming weeks. 

Without hesitation I decided I was going to try out for the play, then I read the audition description...

"Please prepare a favorite holiday song to sing"  - Uh, I can't sing for my life. 

"Or if you are an instrumentalist, bring your instrument and play a favorite piece." Yeah right! Although, learning to play the violin is on my bucket list - just haven't gotten there yet. 

"Perform a dance routine (tap, jazz or ballet)."  Sure, got any club music I can move to?

"Or bring your talent (juggling, magic, etc)."  Hmmm...

Being I didn't fit any of the listed requirements my enthusiasm quickly fizzled out, as I couldn't just show up and ask to be in the play. 

Instead, I compiled my list of talents. What appeared to be the closest fit aside from presenting the Casting Director with a beautifully roasted chicken, was comedy and writing. I wrote a skit titled, The Bi-Polar Express; a comedy routine based on things we love and hate about the holidays.

Audition day arrived, I performed the skit as a split personality. When I finished the Director thanked me for my performance and congratulated me on a very well-written and witty piece. At this point I was feeling pretty damn good...then she asked me to sing something. It was time to come clean! I explained singing isn't my strong suit (that was putting it delicately), but she insisted.

I busted out a tune and somehow the theater gods were with me, as it didn't sound all that bad. It wasn't great by any means. I was shaking the entire time, but the windows remained intact and I didn't pass out. I sang "Rudolph" BTW - it was the first song that popped into my head. 

A few days later I received a call from the Director who told me I got a part in the play! She then asked if I would be willing to perform the skit I wrote as a solo act?

That's right. I wrote myself into the darn play! 

The entire experience was exciting, challenging, nerve-wracking and an absolute blast, all at once. How did I get through the singing parts? I sang real soft and on some notes I went Milli Vanilli style. 

I don't know if another play is in my future. For now, I am thankful to have been in at least one.  

Here is a quick clip...

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