Grow year

How much does a child grow in a year? On average, a child between ages 4 and 5 will grow about 3 inches in height and roughly 4 to 6 pounds in weight. But how much will a child grow emotionally?


That was the question my husband and I were asking ourselves when it came time to enroll my son in Kindergarten. Liam was well within the cutoff date to begin Kindergarten in September as he had already turned 5 in May.

At age 5 Liam was a typical boy. He could run, play, and shout with the best of them; and like many other five-year-old boys, he had trouble recognizing letters in the alphabet and writing his name. We knew Liam was smart and capable of learning, we just didn’t feel he was emotionally ready. The ability to focus or absorb specific information comes with maturity, the one thing we believed Liam needed to grow into more.

We struggled with the idea of keeping him back another year but ultimately made the choice to grant him a grow year; an enriched preschool program for children who are eligible to enter kindergarten but would benefit from the extra time to mature. It was the best decision we made for him.

This year Liam is entering 6th grade, his final year of elementary school. He is an exceptional student who enjoys learning and is dedicated to his studies. I am so proud of the young man he’s becoming. When my husband and I look back at the decision we made six years ago, it's easy to see why we opted to wait another year. 

As parents we are faced with making decisions that affect our children's future. It's a huge responsibility, many times we just hope to make the right call. I guess we won't truly know just how well we did until they are fully grown.

And...if for some reason we didn't do so hot as parents, well, that's what Thanksgiving dinner conversations are for :)