What would you do if you could be completely fearless for 24-hours?

Would you...

  • Go for that job?
  • Tell your inner critic to...Go to hell!
  • Go toward the things you're passionate about?
  • Go beyond your limits?
  • Go for that guy or that girl?
  • Go on an adventurous trip?
  • Go wherever the day takes you?
  • Go try something you've always wanted to do, but are too chicken to do it?
  • Go call the person you've been afraid to reach out to?
  • Go tell the person who brings you down to go...@$#! and !($#@=^?
  • Go outside your comfort zone?
  • Go for happiness?
  • Go after your dreams? 
  • Go make a difference?

If you can be fearless for 24-hours, then be fearless for 48-hours, 72-hours - keep going until you become unafraid to let yourself loose and...Go for the life you want to live!

Here is an incredibly motivating 3-minute speech by Jim Carrey. If you haven't seen it, watch it! If you already did, watch it again and again and again!  Choose Love Not Fear.