It's Friday...Go party, or not!

make plans and regret.png

The stars finally align for my husband and me to go out, and I pull the same crap as this dude in the picture. Of course, I never feel that way on the nights we don't have a sitter or any set plans, those are usually the times when I'm jonesing to get out of the house the most. 

In the event you find yourself in this predicament, you really only have one of two options.  

Option 1: CANCEL! Throw on your pj's, grab a bottle of wine, gather up some substantially fattening snacks, stop feeling like a loser and own your decision. Leave any guilt over canceling on the floor, right next to those fabulous shoes you planned to wear out, but didn't. 

Option 2: GO! Pull yourself off the couch. Shower up. Splash some make-up on that pretty face and get your ass out of the house. Chances are you will end up having a fabulous time.