What do you want?

Wanna know a secret? Not everyone has figured out exactly what they want. And, guess what? It’s okay!

If you are lucky enough to know what you want, write it down. Envision it. Make it happen. If you are like many others who struggle to find the “thing” to desire most in life, my advice is to give it a break. Rather than force yourself to figure out what it is you want, try to envision how you wish to feel. Do you want to feel happy, excited, loved, challenged or content? Think of how you’d like to live your life. Is it with purpose, fulfillment, luxury or adventure?

If you start by concentrating on how you wish to feel, the things to want will follow. Let’s say you desire adventure and excitement. State your intention to the Universe, and soon, you may discover a trip that offers an opportunity to experience both - then you know the trip is something you want. Or, perhaps you are longing for a romantic relationship, focus on the feeling of being in love. Tell yourself, “I want to give love and feel love.” “I like being in an intimate relationship and sharing myself with someone.” Think about how you would behave in a romantic relationship. What does being in love feel like to you? Sounds SUPER corny, I know, but if you want to speak Universe, this is how you do it. When you put your feelings out to the Universe, it will work to give you what you want.

Which brings me to my next point, you must first get clear on your true intentions. That means you need to come clean with yourself! Are you holding off on declaring the things you want because you are afraid of failure or you think you don’t deserve it? If so, welcome to the club. Do not be ashamed. Acknowledge the behavior, so that you can move on from it. Once you’ve faced your truth, you will then be ready to communicate your desires.

A critical thing to remember when understanding how the Law of Attraction works is, the Universe responds entirely to what your focus is. When I ask friends and family members what it is they want, they often go to the things they don’t want. By doing this, they put their energy in a negative space, attracting the things they mean to avoid. If you say, “I don’t want to be overweight” the Universe will respond to your focus on being overweight; therefore, it will send you many temptations to keep you that way. Instead, concentrate on being in shape and feeling good about your body. Redirect your thoughts toward positive statements such as, “I like feeling healthy and fit.” Remember, the word “don’t” does not exist in the language of the Universe, so be sure not to use it in your statements.

The path to discovering what it is you want begins with tapping into who you are and how you wish to feel. Forget about all that has gone wrong in your past. Ignore any thoughts of doubt. And, don't bother striving to achieve a particular title, like CEO - most of the time we seek these high paying jobs because we want to feel financially secure and have the freedom to enjoy luxuries in life, nothing wrong with that, just be sure to recognize your truth behind the intention. I encourage you to focus more on how you would feel in that role rather than the actual label of the position. It may very well end up that being a CEO is the perfect job for you, as it offers a challenge, financial freedom, and a sense of professional fulfillment. In the end, your professional and personal pursuits should always align with your truth, thus helping you to figure out what the heck you want in life.

The three takeaways from this post are:
1. Be clear on your intentions
2. Focus on how you want to feel and the way you want to live your life
3. Stay away from negative thoughts - refrain from declaring things you don’t want.

Three things to write down every day:
1. Something you are grateful for
2. What you hope to accomplish
3. How you want to feel

I wish you all the success and I hope you find this post helpful.

Brigitte RogersComment