How to stop making excuses and start living

An excuse is nothing more than an attempt to release yourself from taking responsibility; a reason for why you did or did not do something, the forgo of blame for a mistake, or the reason for not trying at all.

In life there really is no room for excuses. I find them to be a waste of time and quite frankly, annoying. When my kids are at fault and they give me some lame excuse, I tell them we can’t move forward with our discussion until they start owning up to their stuff and stop blaming others, or the situation.  

In the world of sports, the final score is the final score. The losing team comes in second for no reason other than their opponent was better – simple as that. The losing team doesn’t complain over bad calls by the ref or trick plays from their opponent. They accept the situation and take responsibility for not rising above it.

Life is filled with situations that aren’t perfect, at some point we may fall victim to an unfortunate circumstance, but we have the power to get ourselves out of it. It is our responsibility to adapt to every new situation good or bad and not make excuses for how or why we got there. If you continue to rely on excuses, you will continue to be stuck. 

My advice...stop making them. Stop justifying why you don’t workout, pursue a career, look for a happy relationship, or follow your dreams. If you are a healthy and mentally stable human being then the only reason you aren’t living the life you want to live is because you are letting excuses hold you back from doing so.

If you want to rid yourself of meaningless excuses here’s how you can start.

  • First, listen to Lewis Howes interview with Dr. Tererai Trent on his podcast, The School of Greatness  . After hearing this you will never make an excuse for your life ever again!
  • Second, make a list of excuses you tell yourself as to why you can’t do something. Then write down where that excuse has gotten you.
  • Third, write a refutation for each excuse you listed.  

Excuse:  I can’t go for that job because I am not familiar with the software required.

Where has that gotten me: No progress in career advancement.

Refutation: Knowing the software is only one part of the job requirement. I meet the rest of the qualifications and I am a quick learner. I can look online for tutorials or ask a coworker who knows the software to give me a brief lesson. It's also possible they are willing to train me. 

Continue doing this exercise every time you find yourself making an excuse, and when all else fails just f@!&-ing own up to it! 

Remember, the only thing holding you back is you!