How to be more sexy

Being sexy isn’t just about the way you look - it’s more about how you feel!

Of course a little flirting, black lace, and a killer shade of lipstick will entice the beast, but once removed, you'll find that true sexiness comes from within. Ask any man about when he finds his lady most attractive and the response is usually something like, "When she's passionate about something, "When she's in her element", "When she feels confident, "When she's herself", "When she's happy".

In fact, most women agreed that sexiness is all about feeling good about yourself regardless of how you look. 

female-2090213_640 copy.jpg

So, how do you actually find your inner sexy? Well, start by noticing the times when you feel sexiest. Keep in mind, feeling sexy takes practice. We are often too busy carrying out multiple tasks to acknowledge how we feel during an activity. The moment your sexy self pops up write it down - describe how you feel about yourself, the activity you're engaged in, your state of mind. And, for the love of God be sure to return to that space as often as possible. 

If you are having trouble locating even a glimmer of sexiness, try working on your self- esteem first. Make time to care for yourself more often. If you are feeling out of shape, workout. If you are feeling less than, do something empowering. Remember, your level of sexy depends on how high you see yourself!

What makes me feel sexy?

  • Writing

  • Cooking a fantastic meal

  • Hot Yoga

  • Long showers

  • Making people laugh

  • Heels