'Tis the Season...

As I look under our Christmas tree, there is no denying the giving season is here! Presents wrapped in festive ribbons and colorful bows conceal the floor as they are gathered beneath the tree branches. Collectively they form a handsome display; one I never seem to grow tired of.

At this time of year we tend to offer a little more of ourselves and welcome the opportunity to bestow our generosity upon others. Some people prefer to offer their time, while others contribute financial donations to those less fortunate. In whatever form we choose, December is clearly a time of giving.

But, it should also be a time for TAKING!

It should be a time to take in all that is currently good in your life; anything from your closest relationships, to your achievements, your health or your career. For me, it’s the little things.The moments when my family and I are hanging out in our PJ’s on a Sunday morning drinking hot chocolate by the tree. It’s the smile I get from a stranger when I’ve made her laugh out loud, the kindness I see in others, and the comedy that often ensues between my husband and me.

Of course there are the big things too, like my mother recovering from breast cancer, the safety of our community, and ability to provide a loving home for our children. These are all gifts that have been given to me. Graciously, I take them for what they are…moments of happiness!

My favorite part of Christmas has always been and will continue to be the act of giving, but I encourage you to take a second to recognize the gifts life has given you.

Cheers to a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Brigitte RogersComment