Turks and Caicos

For Christmas my husband surprised us all with a trip to Turks and Caicos. The day finally arrived in April when it was time to head to our tropical destination.

When planning the trip, we wanted the perfect balance of family-friendly activities and much needed serenity.

Here’s what we came up with.  3 nights at Beaches All-Inclusive Resort AND 3 nights at Seven Stars Resort.



Beaches Resort was great for the kids. It is a little Disney-ish, but there are certain pools and areas where you can find a more relaxed type of luxury. It’s all inclusive so not having to worry about paying for every meal, beverage (alcohol included) or snack was nice, but you do pay a price in the quality of the food.

Beaches Resort offers everything from entertainment, water sports, group exercise classes, water parks and tons of activities - all included. In the evening they put on multiple live shows.  The early performances are geared toward smaller children. The later show is for older kids and adults.  

Something I noticed that might be worth looking into is the “Butler Service”. This is an extra expense, but if you are traveling with small children it seems like a nice to have. The butler service handles all your needs while on the resort; everything from setting you up in a shaded area by the pool to arranging a buggy to transport you and your family around the resort.  Ask about this service when booking your trip.

Snorkeling was one of our main attractions on this trip. We did several snorkeling excursions. Some are included in your stay and others cost around $25.00/person. All are fantastic! If you aren’t up for taking a boat ride, Beaches Resort has very good snorkeling right off shore that you can walk or swim to. This was a wonderful perk. My family and I spent hours in the ocean exploring sea life.

The water park is an absolute blast for the kids, and the adults! We also paid for a 30-minute session on a water trampoline that is located right in the ocean. It was more of a laugh fest than a water activity. Typically they ask $10.00/person, but you can negotiate with the vendors. We did $20.00 for 4 people for 30 minutes.

After 3 days of water sports, early morning boot-camp classes, and live entertainment, we were ready to move on to our next destination.

Seven Stars Resort is absolutely gorgeous. It presents a more upscale feel the moment you enter the lobby. The rooms are high-end, beautifully appointed and VERY CLEAN!

The pool at Seven Stars is stunning. Even though it is family-friendly, poolside was extremely relaxing and quiet. At one point I looked around and saw a family with young children peacefully reading, and a young couple napping with their new-born. Seven Stars puts you in a calm state of relaxation. They also offer poolside service so you can rest your head while someone brings you a freshly made pina colada!

The food at Seven Stars was very good. There are 2 restaurants on site, both were great. Town is just a few blocks away. There you can find plenty of great local restaurants. Much to my surprise the town was very quaint and charming. We found local favorites as well as upscale dining throughout the area. Seven Stars provides bicycles that are available daily until 6:30pm. My family and I enjoyed several rides into town.

As far as activities there isn’t too much to do at Seven Stars. They do include a few water sports and early morning yoga on the pool deck overlooking the ocean. My son and I paddle boarded and we took the kayak out a few times. Snorkeling gear is also offered free of charge, but unlike Beaches Resort, there isn’t much to see off shore at Seven Stars.

Basically, you hang on the beach, swim in the ocean and drink rum out of a coconut bowl. There’s something to be said for just hanging by a fabulous pool and soaking up a gorgeous view of the ocean. Overall Seven Stars is a smaller more luxurious resort. It was a great way to spend the last three days after all the fun and excitement at Beaches Resort. My children felt the same way. I think they enjoyed a few days of relaxation while taking in the beauty and the culture of Turks and Caicos.

Both places are wonderful for families and both are beautiful. Just depends on your preference. For us, splitting the trip between two different types of resorts was the perfect balance.

Here are some pics from our trip...