Beds for Kids!


Kids will say just about anything to avoid getting into bed. As parents, we've heard everything from “I’m thirsty” to “I need to use the bathroom”. But what if kids actually have a good reason for not wanting to go to bed? What if that reason is because they don’t have one? For children without beds, bedtime means curling up into a sleeping bag against a hard floor.

They are the children of victims of domestic violence: mothers who had the courage to escape their abusers and remove their children from a harmful environment.

Many of these women have no choice but to tuck their children in each night on the floor of an empty apartment. What gets them through this tough moment? The fact that they are safe and so are their children.

Deserving Décor is a 501(c)3, all-volunteer non-profit that supplies furnishing essentials for women and children leaving domestic violence and homeless shelters – and teens aging out of foster care at age 18.

In their new rental homes, we provide community-donated essentials; furniture, linens, and household items, in an effort to positively impact and restore their lives. Our volunteers spend countless hours moving furniture and building the space into a home.

The one essential item we struggle to provide is a BED. Which we purchase at wholesale prices, and deliver in “big black” our 2001 Ford F-250 pickup truck with over 190,00 miles on it. Yes, we use that one truck to provide beds and furnishing essentials for 2 or more families per week. Why? Because it is a desperately needed service and we want to help.

These women work to barely afford food and shelter for themselves and their children. There are no funds available for anything outside of the bare necessities.

A $115.00 donation will provide a mattress, box spring and frame for a child to sleep in each night.

A $10.00 donation will supply a fresh clean pillow for them to rest their head.

New and gently used bedding is donated and laundered by our volunteers.

Together, we can offer a comfortable place for mothers and their children to dream of a brighter tomorrow.

You can contribute a one time donation or a monthly recurring donation, with your name or anonymously by going to

If you don’t want to donate online, please send your check to:
Deserving Decor
PO Box 1055
Doylestown, PA 18901

Donate what you are able today!

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