It’s the day after Halloween, time to take down the frightening decorations and replace them with golden pumpkins, glass turkeys, colorful leaves and an ornamental garland that encompasses the essence of FALL.

As I sneak my tenth mini Twix bar from my child’s hard earned -overly stuffed trick or treating bag, I make sure the garland hangs evenly in the entranceway. It’s a beautiful display of wooden leaves attached to a twisted manila rope. Each leaf has a different colored letter painted on it spelling out the word THANKFUL!

I stare at it a few moments longer. I’ve gotten so use to putting up these decorations, I wondered if I had overlooked its true message? So I asked myself, what am I thankful for at this very moment?  Aside from the large selection of candy displayed in front of me, I would say my home.

We recently sold our home of ten years and moved into a new space. My husband and I didn’t find the perfect house just yet so we decided to rent. The new place is very charming with finer upgrades, a large finished basement, two fireplaces and a lot more space than our previous house.  But to the children it still wasn’t home - at least not at first.

It took some time for Lily and Liam to adjust to the new house. Familiar furnishings and decorations offered a spot of comfort.  My husband and I worked diligently to get everything unpacked and organized within the first two weeks of moving in. I knew that in order for the children to be happy in the new house it needed to feel like home.  A few weeks later, we were back in the swing of things. My husband painted the walls, I had out my seasonal decorations and everyone knew where to find their belongings (everyone except my husband).  Most of all we had made the house our home.

As I think about how fortunate I am to have a home that offers my children comfort and security, I can’t help but to think of so many of the women and children who Deserving Décor has helped over the years.  Many of these women moved into a space with their children with no furniture or belongings because many of them were forced to flee abruptly, leaving everything behind. They entered their new residence without cooking utensils, sheets, towels, lamps, couches and worst of all a bed to sleep in; and no money to purchase them. With your help, Deserving Décor is able to provide families with basic household necessities and some decorative items in an effort to give these women the very same reason to be thankful! 

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