Election Day


It's Election Day! As I cast my vote for the next President of The United States, I am grateful for our democracy. Democracy is government by the people; a state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges. How we utilize these freedoms varies from person to person.

We are a society of different cultures, values, beliefs and political views. This was ubiquitous at the polls this morning. Voters quietly discussed their preference for the country while shuffling through the long line to vote. At times a communal cheer for Hillary could be heard from the parking lot, while others simultaneously promoted Trump – even a few Third Party supporters chimed in, but it was all very civil.

I looked around at the large group of people who have gathered in the same place for the same reason, but with different intentions. A portion of this group most likely has values and ideas that closely match my own, while others endorse something vastly different – but that’s what a democracy is and I’m good with it!

After casting my vote I drove away feeling patriotic and relatively significant. I decided to continue my day and hopefully the days to follow in a democratic state of mind. I will consciously respect other’s opinions regardless of how much they differ from mine. I will not judge someone based on their choices and I will be more open minded to other’s ideas and situations, not just in a political realm but in everyday life – unless I’m watching CNN, then all bets are off!

Brigitte RogersComment