Oh! The Things You Can Do With A Good Nights Sleep

Oh! The things you can do with a good night’s sleep.
You will jump out of bed and hop to your feet.

You will dream through the night. Wake up early with good rest.
Greet the day with a smile – ready to do your best.

You will feel awake and alert. The day ahead will seem bright.
Your head won’t be foggy. Things will appear just right.

Oh! The things you can do with a good night’s sleep.
Your brain will work better.
You will learn more in class.
You will have energy when running…every kid you will pass.

You will no longer need an afternoon nap.
The doctor will say… “You are a healthy chap.”

There is much to be gained from a good night’s sleep.
You will grow like a tree from the branches you’ll leap.

Oh! The things YOU can do to help a child get a good night’s sleep.
You can donate here at Deserving Decor. We provide beds to children who sleep on the floor.
With your contribution a twin bed  a child will keep.
In their home it will go for them to have a warm place to sleep!

Please send checks to:
Deserving Decor
PO Box 1055
Doylestown, PA 18901

or donate online with a credit card http://www.deservingkidsneedbeds.org/

Brigitte RogersComment